Ensuring that your business is accessible isn’t just about attracting more customers – it’s about good customer service. Making ADA signs part of your signage strategy will open up your business to a larger audience of customers and show them that you care about their experience inside your workplace.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) outlines specific regulations for businesses to ensure that everyone can have the same experience when visiting a new facility. These regulations are simple to follow once you know the rules for your specific business.

Basic ADA Sign Requirements

Backgrounds / Fonts:
  • Uses a sans-serif font
  • A minimum of 1/8” of space between letters
  • A high light/dark contrast between the background and letters
  • No glare under light that could limit readability
  • Signs identifying a room must be installed adjacent to the room’s door
  • Letters on signage must be between 48-60” off the floor
Braille Features
  • Uses tactile lettering
  • Lowercase letters, except for proper nouns
  • Rounded letters

Get Custom ADA Signs For Your Business

Contact Palo Pinto Graphics today to find out how we can help with:
  • Selecting the right font and text size
  • Installing signage at the correct height for optimal viewing
  • Creating all required signage for permanent rooms and fixtures in your location
  • Maintaining good design while ensuring that your signage is ADA compliant
  • Ensuring that your signage has the necessary permits and meets government codes
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