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    Think about how your mind works — it takes visual notes, interprets them with pre-fed information, creates an image which further trickles down to your perception of the image: Logo (Plus) Signage (Creates) Image (Further Creates) an Impression. It is what gets you “noticed.” So, while you’re trying to get…

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    We all know that with our fellow human beings, first impressions count. We can make judgments about whether or not we like, respect, and trust a person in less than a minute. The same goes for our lobbies (though of course, human beings are much more complex than lobbies!). That…

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    Whether you call it a logo sign or a lobby sign, this signage solution can add the air of professionalism and good design to a reception or lobby area a company needs to make an impact. However, not every company has a huge budget for their signage needs, meaning many…

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